Past Events

The 10th Anniversary “Give Sarcoidosis the Birdie” Golf Tournament 10 early bird draws were won by :

Matthew Savoia
Diane Mitchell
Enzo Carpino
Troy Deck
Gary Weisgerber
James Gowan
Brian Weisgerber
Guy Fraser
Todd Weisgerber
Jerry Newman

Thank you everyone who registered early and participated in the early bird draw !

The “Annual CSO Walkathon” Saturday April 30th was a resounding success !!

As the gathered CSO supporters donned their Purple sunglasses and wrapped their beverage with the CSO Kozy, folks randomly arrived for their walk in the park. They wondered over and were able to learn about Sarcoidosis and CSO’s efforts to fund research and awareness. It was a wonderful day for a walk and talk.

Over $3000 was raised and is now showing on the tracking Thermometer as the purple section !!

2019 CSO Board Christmas Potluck

Another awesome dinner was had by all.  The great time included wonderful company and talks about everything going on.  Never miss a CSO potluck because it’s a feast with friends every time.

2019 Annual Memorial “Give Sarcoidosis the Birdie!” Golf Tournament

The tournament held at Glen Eagles in Cochrane was a great time for all and a success for CSO raising awareness and donations for the University of Calgary, Cummings School of Medicine.

A big thanks goes out to all our sponsors:

Cheryl Weisgerber, 9th Year Platinum Sponsor

Memory Express Computer Products, 9th Year Sponsor

Carmen Jeffery, Intact Insurance, Lignum Interiors Inc., Integral Energy Services Ltd., Mutt Magic, All City Insurance, Hi-Tide Shoring & Foundations, Expedia Cruise Ship Centers, Deerpoint Liquor Store, Calvert Home Mortgage, D.J. Metal Designs Front Row Centre, Old Dutch, Bells Beads.

2019 3rd Annual “Sarc Walk” – Walk to Support Sarcoidosis

Our 3rd Annual 5km “Sarc Walk”  took place on April 27, 2019 at Calgary’s Fish Creek Park.  We started walking from the Burnsmead entrance off of Bow Bottom Trail SE starting at approximately 9:30AM.  We had the pathway marked out again all the way out to a 2.5km turnaround point and walk back to the start point for a total of 5km.  The weather held out for us in the morning thankfully and it turned out to be a relaxing walk with all the dogs that came along as well!

Location:  Fish Creek Park,  Burnsmead entrance off Bow Bottom Trail SE –  MAP

We had a great time and really appreciated everyone that came out to support the walk, those that supported it via pledges and the sponsors.

Thank you Gayle Manz for the great looking bandana’s the dogs were able to wear during the walk.

2018 CSO Christmas Potluck Dinner

A wonderful time was had by all at the CSO board potluck dinner.  Awesome food and even better company, we did miss a few folks that were not able to make it, you missed out on a feast !  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone.

2018 “Sarc Walk” – Walk to Support Sarcoidosis
The 5km walk took place on April 14th, 2018 in South Glenmore Park in Calgary, AB. The walk was done on the same date as our affiliated American counterpart FSR (Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research) in the United States.  The walk was done in recognition of April being Sarcoidosis Awareness Month.  The Calgary Tower was lit up in Purple for the entire day and evening in Support of the event.   We had approximately 50 people and 10+ dogs for the walk. The weather was good and everything ran smoothly. We were even able to give away some Canadian Sarcoidosis t-Shirts and swag to some of the walkers.  We can’t wait to keep expanding this further next year!

2017 Annual Memorial “Give Sarcoidosis the Birdie!” Golf Tournament

Our annual Golf Tournament took place on Friday August 25, 2017 in Carstairs, AB.  We were once again hosted by the Carstairs Community Golf Club who have partnered with us numerous times and have shown us great support.  Once again, this year and was an amazing success and the turnout was fantastic!  Great weather, friends, colleagues and supporters for Sarcoidosis all turned out for what resulted in a fabulous day of golfing, fun and festivities.

Photo Gallery

2017 Walk for Sarcoidosis Awareness
The 5km walk took place on April 22nd, 2017 in South Glenmore Park in Calgary, AB. The walk was done in conjunction with our affiliated American counterpart FSR (Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research) in the United States and joined in to support their TEAM K.I.S.S. Sarcoidosis Awareness Walk initiative by hosting a local one in Calgary, AB, Canada.  We had approximately 35 people and almost 10 dogs for the walk. The weather was great for the day and everyone had a wonderful time. We can’t wait to grow and expand this further next year!

2017 April is Sarcoidosis Month  –  Lighting up the Calgary Tower and News coverage on Global TV News (April 12, 2017)

2016 “Give Sarcoidosis the Birdie!”  Annual Memorial Golf Tournament


We have raised funds for Sarcoidosis Research successfully over the last 6 years for our golf tournament and others.  All the monies were donated to various research projects to promote Sarcoidosis Research.